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Muscles Controlling the Scapula Affect Neck Pain & Headache

How is Fixing You different from other self-help exercise and pain books?

Fixing Root Causes of Pain Rather Than Treating Symptoms

Chronic pain and recurring injuries are rooted in reversible biomechanical failures. Learn how:

  • the pelvis has a direct influence on the spine and often is a major contributor to back pain
  • the shoulder blade has a significant impact on neck and head mechanics and therefore pain and headaches
  • tennis elbow has its roots in both shoulder and forearm function
  • knee pain often results from poor pelvic muscle function
  • back and pelvic pain during pregnancy results from physical changes to the body which can be easily corrected
  • taping the foot can provide an inexpensive way to see if foot orthotics are right for you

Fixing You provides simple tools to assess and correct these sources of your pain.